What My Clients Say...

"The sessions I have had with Antonia have made a significant difference to my outlook on life.  Antonia has a very calm and logical method that truly connected and inspired me.  I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone who feels the need." Lara, Cheltenham

"My time with Antonia has been a journey of self discovery.  Although I was a little nervous at first, I began to really look forward to my weekly visits.  Antonia was always calm and welcoming and I felt completely safe in her hands.

I went in the hope that I could relieve myself of my daily stresses but got so much more.  I was getting to know myself and recognising patterns in my life that were holding me back for many years.

Over the weeks Antonia helped me to forgive others and myself for mistakes in the past, which seemed insignificant to me before but which had obviously been lurking in my psyche and having a huge effect on my happiness.

I now feel free of those burdens and a stronger and happier person in all areas of my life.  I wish everybody could have this opportunity and I can't recommend her enough to everyone I meet."  Miranda, Gloucester

"I have had lifelong concerns with anxiety, low self esteem, lack of confidence and being unable to assert myself.  After seeing Antonia my confidence and self esteem have really improved.  I have an ease with challenging people which is so liberating.  It has changed so many aspects of my life.  My posture and my demeanour feel different.  I hold my head up and carry a belief in myself.

I have completed a lot of self development courses, workshops, counselling and none of this has worked on the same level as hypnotherapy.  Working on the subconscious works quickly and at a deep level which has enabled me to be assertive without even thinking about it.

Antonia is wonderfully compassionate and professional.  She is very skilled and it I and it is easy to feel very relaxed and able to trust her.  I have experienced a great deal of trauma which continued over many years but  even after one session with Antonia profound changes took place.

I am so grateful to have experienced this life changing opportunity." Lynda, Bishops Cleeve