Antonia Doyle

Analytical Hypnotherapy 

& Psychotherapy

Quiet therapy rooms in Cheltenham

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About Antonia

Over many years I have practised yoga and studied health, fitness and nutrition.  These disciplines have taught me that in order to adopt a truly holistic approach to the body, I needed to study the mind as well.

Graduating as an Analytical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist has allowed me the opportunity to put a genuine "whole person-focused" philosophy into practice.

Analytical Hypnotherapy can help you let go of your past so you can fulfil your true potential, free of those limitations that once defined you.


Hypnosis is a natural method of reaching a state of deep relaxation, very similar to meditation or daydreaming.

Using a variety of relaxation and visualisation techniques, I can gently help my clients to achieve this state.

The client remains in complete control of the process throughout and is totally aware of everything around them.


Hypnosis can help the client access their subconscious, target their particular issues and work on resolving them.

Analytical Hypnotherapy focuses on the underlying cause of the client's problem, rather than just treating the symptoms or providing coping mechanisms.

It enables the client to investigate past traumas and emotional conflicts, identify how they impact on the present and begin to eliminate the causes of unwanted or unproductive symptoms.

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